Atdaa - Branding

The owner of Atdaa approached me wanting to refresh Atdaa's identity with a hand written wordmark. Atdaa is a Guide for travelers, currently for Istanbul but with plans to expand into other cities in the future. It's a crowd-sourced guide where people share their experiences and knowledge, it's a neat idea. 

The key aims were to capture Atdda in its meaning being, fun and exciting as well as the brand values: Joyful, Outgoing, Authentic and Simple. Another important part of the logo was to be future-proof and in the future if an app were ever needed and for social accounts we needed the 'A' to be unique enough to standalone if needed. I pursued a cursive style logo from the offset due to their request and we quickly developed a range of style to refine and work from.

Once we had the main body of the wordmark down we focused on refining the 'A' to make it unique and refined. We ultimately came to the final logo you can see above and Kaan shared his opinion of the process below.

Joe helped us change Atdaa's logo. He understood the problem at a glance and came up with many ideas along the way. I was impressed with his ability to adapt to our never ending demands and major changes in the design direction. "

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