Keen - Logotype and Brand Guidelines

I was approached by Jonathan Munn, Co-Founder of Keen looking for an identity. They wanted a logotype and some brand guidelines (fonts, colour pallets, etc) Keen is an onboarding and success tool and they specialise in onboarding the customers/users of software as a service (SaaS) companies such as Zendesk, StyleSeat, Sage, Slack and Patsnap.

They wanted me to try create a logotype with a friendly personality. Something they also mentioned was that they can sometimes work in stuffy industries and so creating some unique and fun characteristics would be nice for it to stand out. This meant we had to work at achieving the correct balance and not creating something too quirky and out there.

We worked our way to the final outcome you can see above, which both the client and I were very pleased with. A few weeks then passed, once their site had been designed I pulled all the brand elements together and put them into a brand guidelines sheet for future reference. The project went very smoothly and you can see Jonathan thoughts below.

" Joe's a young designer with a bright future. Approachable, talented and professional he's got the perfect make up of a great designer. The identity he created for us was off the chart and looks awesome. So so happy with his work. "

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