Lunchio - Revamped Logo

Deniz Caglayan is a Co-Founder & CMO at Lunchio. I was approached with the task of either imporving or creating an entirely new logotype. Lunchio is a young Berlin based food/tech Startup backed by Techstars Metro Accelerator, allowing busy users to enjoy lunch at a restaurant by simply ordering and paying in advance to minimize waiting times.

They were keen on a handwritten style logo, but didn't want it to be too playful or naive, they also wanted to ensure the legibility was improved. Some of the key words that they deicded they wanted the logotype to reflect are: friendly (but not naive), trustworthy, modern, innovative, unique, timeless, recognizable, creating attention, memorable.

Through sketching we explored lots of ideas and it was clear that they wanted a very simple look with no gimmicks. So we went down that route from early on and after refining the main body we had to decide on options for the L, as this gave us an opportunity to make somthing unique out of it. Ultimately they decided on the most simple 'L' which they felt this fitted the brand the best. Overall it looks great and they couldn't have been happier.

"I enjoyed working with Joe. During the whole time of the project, he demonstrated a high level of talent, skill, professionalism and an overall profound understanding of our brand. I recommend working with him."

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