Parcel - Logotype and Animation

This is a concept project I have been working on in my free time. I wanted to explore trying to animate my logotypes as I love learning new things and I found this style would be a good point to start learning how to.

Here is the mini brief I set myself:

Parcel: A shipping company which takes care of the whole process for you from packing to delivery, similar to the Shyp service. As the essence of the service is to create a smooth, stress-free experience, I gathered some words that I wanted to try and convey in the Logotype.

"Smooth, Process, Flow, Simple, Automated, Easy, Path"

I knew straight away what type of styles would work well for this and started sketching with a few things in mind:

- A smooth continuous path, 
- Simplify not Complicate, 
- Rounded and Friendly angles and Endings, 
- Path-like mono-line look.

Skip ahead a bit and I started to vectorise, with the goal of creating an almost equal line weight throughout and to make them as rounded and smooth as possible. I didn't want to stick to a rigid grid when creating this as I wanted some organic flow to help with the overall smoothness. I ended up making lots of adjustments to the original sketch to get to the final outcome as I wasn't happy with the spacing and overall balance of negative and positive space. After a lot of time in Illustrator ad Aftereffects I managed to make something I'm quite proud of.

I posted the final Animation on Dribbble, which you can see here.

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