Threadbird - Logotype

Threadbird is a online printing company, which were looking for a rebrand. After quickly growing since launch in 2010 they felt they had outgrown their old look. The main aims of the new rebrand were for the logotype to:

- Be a better representation of who they are now
- Up to date with their current values that will aid them in growing in the future

They wanted the logotype to convey: Zealous, Transparency and Creativity. After looking further into the brand there was a big focus on customer service and so using the principal of simplifying and making the logotype unique at the same time was important. They also wanted to tie in the fun, contemporary and creative values of the brand and this gave me some freedom into looking at creating some unique ligatures, joins and letterforms.

As you can see in the final logotype we kept it simple to a certain extent but used a more unique 'b' that they were fans of from early sketches. Another project where the goals were met and the client, Scott was more than happy to share his thoughts below.

We commissioned Joe to refresh our wordmark and he hit it out of the park. He was very easy to work with along the way, notifying us of his work schedule and when to expect updates. He listened to our revision requests and ultimately delivered a great new identity for our brand. If you are in the market for a new creative wordmark for your brand, Joe is your man. "

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