Trampa - Logotype

Trampa produces Urban Cycling Streetwear with a Swedish design influence. Trampa produces comfortable, functional, durable and stylish apparel for cycling, that isn't out of place in a casual setting. Trampa is Swedish for the word pedal and so there is an interesting point to work from here with movement and travel. It aims to create clothing that a young urban cyclist would identify with, as current urban cycling brands are dull and the clothing doesn't appeal to the new generation of young urban cyclists. The target market is 16-30 year old males and females, so neutral design that isn't too immature is going to be important to find.

We focused on creating something that was simple, neutral and with some movement to it. Usage was important to consider throughout as it will be used on all different materials, colours and at a range of sizes. There wasn't a clear style to pursue from the start and so we explored a range in the early stages of sketching and refined and took selected versions through until we decided on one to vectorise and refine.

Overall we accomplished what we set out to do. I will have a full case study breakdown of this project out soon.

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